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Has ‘Flo’ Come to Visit You?: Insuring Against Flood Damages for Your Home or Property

By December 8, 2021December 17th, 2021Insurance

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Has ‘Flo’ Come to Visit You?

From “I thought homeowners insurance covered that,” to “I’m not in a flood prone area, so I don’t need flood insurance,” property insurance agents have heard every reason why homeowners or property owners think they don’t need flood insurance. And we are sure that many of the homeowners and property owners who suffered flood damages as a result of Hurricane Florence in 2018, and many since, also thought they didn’t need flood insurance. As we all know, reality is often quite the opposite of what we imagine, and the phrase “you never know” has never been more true!

Flood Risks

When it comes to flooding, these disasters can happen any time of the year anywhere across the country. Did you know that 25% of all flood damage in the U.S. occurs in what are classified as “low to moderate” risk zones? Flooding is not restricted to heavy tropical storms. It can take many forms, such as rapid rainfall with structural failure that leads to flash floods, water run-off, snow melt, clogged rainwater systems, and building development. Few realize that flooding is actually the costliest and most common disaster in the U.S. and can occur any time of the year. A single flood event can destroy a property and this can cause an average of $20,000 in damages. However, only 12% of homeowners have flood insurance!

How Can I Protect Against Flooding?

Flooding will happen, and unfortunately, we can’t control the weather, but we can make sure you have fantastic coverage for your property when the floods do come.  [read here to see how weather events could affect your car insurance rates] Let us show you how a privately owned flood insurance policy is very affordable compared to the damages you might have to pay out if “Flo” does come to visit you.

For more information or to add on a flood policy today, contact us at Simmons Insurance Agency!

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