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Does My Homeowner Insurance Cover Earthquakes?

By December 8, 2021December 17th, 2021Insurance

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Does My Homeowner Insurance Cover Earthquakes?

You might think your homeowner policy covers an earthquake, however earthquakes are excluded, as is flood coverage. You can, however, purchase a specific policy to cover the peril of earthquakes, if you want to take that precaution.


How Much Does Earthquake Insurance Cost?

Cost of earthquake insurance varies depending on where you live and if you are near a known fault line.   It can be relatively inexpensive if you live in an area not known for earthquakes and not near a fault line.  Otherwise, it can be expensive if you live in an area prone to earthquakes. If you are interested in adding earthquake coverage to your policy, you can check with your agent and they can gather the information they need to give you a quote on a policy specific to your location.

What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover?

Coverage might vary among carriers, but most will cover structural damage, temporary housing, and personal property. Deductibles are usually higher than your homeowner policy and can range into the thousands of dollars or a percentage of your home’s listed value.

We hope this answers some questions you may have had about earthquake coverage on your homeowner policy. If you have additional questions, please give Simmons Insurance Agency a call and our agents will be glad to assist you with your questions; or if you live in the Pilot Mountain or Mount Airy, NC area, feel free to stop by one of our offices!

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