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Does My Car Insurance Cover Earthquake Damage?

By December 8, 2021December 15th, 2021Insurance

graph reading an earthquakeIf you live in the mountains of North Carolina that surround Allegheny County, then you probably are aware that there are often earthquakes in the region. They are very hard to predict, and when they occur, their impact could range from minor to extremely damaging. 

Property damage is a frequent and unavoidable part of most earthquakes, and among the items vulnerable to such damage are your vehicles. Numerous earthquake-related hazards might damage your vehicle, whether it is parked inside a garage or out in the open. However, earthquake damage will be covered by your auto insurance, though on one condition—you must have a type of physical damage coverage known as comprehensive coverage. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the vehicle threats posed by earthquakes, and how you can apply comprehensive damage coverage to pay for your losses. 

Why Earthquakes are Threats to Vehicle Owners 

The biggest liability caused by earthquakes is their unpredictability. It is not only difficult to tell when one will strike, but it is often impossible to tell precisely how extensive damage will be until it is done. 

Given that earthquakes—even minor ones—result in major ground movement, they are more than likely to cause trees to fall, rockslides, structure collapses, fires and even dam or waterway breaches. They can also damage roadways and other infrastructure. As a result, your vehicle might be damaged, simply because there’s no way to fully protect it from the ramifications of a quake. 

If your car were to sustain damage from an earthquake, then you will need to have it repaired. At this time, you must ensure that you have physical damage insurance on your vehicle. 

How Insurance Covers Quake Damage 

To repair vehicle damage resulting from an earthquake, your auto policy must include physical damage insurance, which will contain two components—collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. It is comprehensive insurance that pays for damage from hazards that are not related to collisions. Therefore, it will apply to most damage that an earthquake might do to your vehicle. 

So, suppose that a small quake causes a tree on your property to split, and then fall onto your vehicle. At this point, comprehensive insurance will pay for your damage. Depending on whether the vehicle can be repaired or is totaled, your insurer will review the terms of your policy to see how much money to which you will be entitled. 

When a quake damages your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call your auto insurance agent as soon as you can. Property damage claims often skyrocket after quakes, and you’ll want to get yours started early in order to make the vehicle repairs process as fast as possible. 

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